Deluxe Skellie Pet Dog and Creature Comfort Set (any breed) with Bowl, Bed, Chew Toy, and a Bone!

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Our adorable pup seems extremely happy to have his favorite bone, chew teddy bear, food bowl, and bed all in the same place!

These pooches are curious, poseable, cute, and adorable! Standing approximately 6″x7″, and will look great with all the fixins’


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In the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), honor your babies’ lives and the fulfillment they brought to yours. We make any and all breeds (as you may have seen in other posts) so, just tell us what your pup should look like and send a picture or three (we love seeing them) with their name to get the inspiration flowing…


They go perfect at your alter, office shelf, or dashboard!


What Comes With Your Pet Pup You Ask?:
You can even order just the Creature Comfort Set without the Pup
(in case you’ve already ordered a dog or teo ; )


– Fluffy Pet Bed

– Awesome Teddy Bear Chew Toy

– Giant Juicy Bone

– Food Bowl (with a “WOOF”, or, his or her name on the outside, and a bone painted inside of the bowl)

– In addition, just let us know at the time of ordering IF you wish to have your pet’s name on the bowl – Or, we’ll simply paint “WOOF” on it


All this stuff in addition to your Pet Dog Skelly AND you save a couple bucks buying as a set.

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