Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo that You do… handcrafted dolls

Made from hand picked sticks, then bound with hemp and wrapped in Spanish moss, our Love and Bones dolls are created in the traditional New Orleans voodoo doll crafting style. These wicked little items feature hand formed and painted skulls (no two are identical). Clothing colors are completely customizable and vary to fit individual purpose (see below for specifics).

Colors as defined by Your needs:

Black – Protection and Vision
Blue – Peace and Health
Orange – Strength and Happiness
Green – Money and Luck
Red – Love and Courage

Additional Items:

– a gris gris bag for placing herbs, hair, coin, nail clippings etc
– a sash with three large push pins
– a large, strikable wooden match for the “coup de grĂ¢ce”
– measures 9″ in height.
– display your doll atop a beautiful wooden stand (also included)

All dolls are made with two basic colors… The dominant tunic, a complimentary sash, and gris gris bag. The specific colors making the charge of the doll more powerful. Remember, these dolls are handcrafted and positively charged with you, the customer, in mind.

All this, making our dolls much more than a novelty item, however, they do look fantastic in an altar setting.

A Note About Pins and Matches:
Contrary to popular belief, pins and matches are used more for focusing the power of the charm (healing, protection, luck etc). The pins used in conjunction with the gris gris bag can be a very powerful charm indeed. Just remember, dark energy brings darkness… Light brings light.

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