A Pair of PitBulls for a Great Customer Going Home Today

pitbulls, pet-dog, love-and-bones, skellieWe sent a pair of pitbulls named Petunia and Violet off to a great customer today. Yes, we’ll miss them, but, we know they’ll make her plenty happy whenever she looks over at this adorable set of pits. Each representation comes with a food bowl with either the animal’s name or a “WOOF” on the bowl and a fat, juicy, bone painted on the inside…


You can have your pet (dog or cat) made as a skellie too. We’ll create all breeds, from small to large. Also, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have special requests!


Feel free to visit our Etsy page for more information as well as ordering.




skellie, pitbull, dog, all-breeds, love-and-bones

A great customer ordered a pair of pitbulls named Petunia and Violet for keepsakes and we were honored to oblige

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